Rajendrajee honoured with many awards, like...

  • ‘A-Grade’ artist of All India Radio and Dooradarshan.
  • ‘Sur-Mani’ Award by ‘The Sur Singar Samsad’. Impressed by his performance,
    ‘The Times of India’ described him as a ‘Find of the Sammelan’ and a ‘Rising Maestro’. The award was presented in 1981 when he was still a college student.
  • Degree of ‘Sangeet Alankar’ from ‘The Gandharva Mahawidyalay Mandal’, Mumbai. He stood first in the instrumental section.
  • Honorary Artist of ‘SPIC-MACAY’ right from its inception.
  • ‘Yuva Kalakar’ Award from ‘Sangeetonmesh Sanstha, Pune’ at the hands of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi.
  • ‘Late Pt. B. S. Upadhye Puraskar’, Pune, Year 2002

Cassettes and CDs Published

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