Flute maestro Pt. Rajendra Kulkarni is a man of great talent and dedication. He brought a unique self-developed style, which includes and combines GAYAKI (Vocal) and TANTAKARI (String) into Indian Classical Instrumental music, which is a phenomenon to observe. This distinction of having his own unique style really sets him apart from many other musicians, for, few other artistes can claim to be following a style of their own, which requires tremendous thinking, spanning decades.

According to him, each artiste has his or her own musical personality which is often just a reflection of the artiste’s distilled soul. Then, indeed, it does not come as a surprise that his music is so sweet, spiritual and melodious, as, these are the traits that very well define him as a person.

He is known among his numerous disciples and acquaintances as most open-hearted, loving and down to earth person. He is always open to the queries of all kinds by his followers, explaining and enlightening them, with enthusiasm and zeal that ceases to decay.

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